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Quiz Results

The Winners
£25 The Dillamore Family: 66
£10 Mike Hobbs: 65
£5 Mrs C Green: 63


1              In which sound waves travel: Ayr
2              Fresh selling place: Newmarket
3              Is this Dame Edna’s first name: Barry
4              Laid down in yards: Hull
5              Feed the fire: Stoke
6              Don’t allow the funeral: Banbury
7              Two slices face to face: Sandwich
8              Student loan on bad actor: Grantham
9              Beloved heavy-weight: Darlington
10           Sheep’s underside: Ramsbottom
11           Monarch’s girl: Kings Lynn
12           Date of groceries: Selby
13           Employed full weight: Workington
14           Destroys radio amateur: Wrexham
15           Mix the fish: Stirling
16           Jumping meat: Buckingham
17           Parent in good health: Motherwell
18           Sick crossing: Ilford
19           Admiral’s first Lady: Hamilton
20           Thump lower jaw: Hitchin
21           Witches touch-down: Coventry
22           ‘Faulty’ professor: Basildon
23           The gate lowered shut: Portadown
24           Talk to amateur actor: Chatham
25           Lion monastery: Leominster
26           In low position: Neath
27           A hide chief: Leatherhead
28           Continue tearing: Ripon
29           Jacket crossing: Coatbridge
30           Cattle crossing: Oxford
31           The grounds all finished: Landsend
32           Theatre land: Broadway
33           Where clay workers drink: Potters Bar
34           Titfer meadow: Hatfield
35           A letter to spare: Dover
36           Comic pilot’s porcelain: Biggleswade
37           Blow can cause chapping: Windsor
38           Span compass point: Bridgenorth
39           Conflict of candle centre: Warwick
40           Light the touch paper and withdraw: Bangor
41           Protective clothing: Armagh
42           Church in good condition: Kirkwell
43           Aquatic animal protection: Fishguard
44           Dye a jelly: Tintagel
45           Detectives need these: Leeds
46           A saucy taste: Worcester
47           Open for past cheekie chappie: Dorchester
48           Crank up Rantzen: Winchester
49           Long necked and very tidal: Swansea
50           Did Noah order another one: Newark
51           Silent chips: Dumfries
52           Communist OT character: Redruth
53           Vehicles Gearing: Cardiff
54           Only dirty people do: Bath
55           Hawaiian greets you: Alloa
56           Cheat on debt in ball game: Welshpool
57           Sacred leader: Holyhead
58           Do you flush here: Looe
59           Church gate pasture: Lichfield
60           Manufacture pebble: Maidstone
61           Prepares food for urban community: Cookstown
62           It’s a recent berth: Newquay
63           Do sadlers draw water here: Wells
64           Beach composer: Sandbach
65           Sister cannibalised: Nuneaton
66           This will teach you: Larne
67           Child’s glade: Kidsgrove
68           Society car manufacturer: Guildford
69           A scarlet vehicle: Redcar
70           A tree cone design: Paisley
71           Quick send for a plumber: Leek
72           Granny jerk: Nantwitch